Your Customers are Grocery Shopping online!

Your Customers are Grocery Shopping online!



How to Setup an online grocery convenience store?


Your Customers are Grocery Shopping online! Retail Solutions have made the task of setting up an online grocery store much easier than it has been to date. Of course, choosing the right EPOS system and supporting contractors for implementation will help you get your online store up and running efficiently from day one.


Recent developments, such as the possibility of developing a webshop in parallel with your EPOS system, are finally making the process attainable for small business owners. Making the modern-day necessity of having your business online much more agile, cost-effective, and simple to maintain.


Heretofore, a Retailer would be required to administer the in-store EPOS system whilst simultaneously managing a separate commercial website in order to meet their customer’s requirements both in-store and online. With only one supplier, they have one comprehensive, integrated solution and the benefits of having just one entity responsible for the delivery of both.


Now you know it’s possible and universally accessible to set up your own convenience grocery webshop, some steps may need to be followed:


1. Determine your target audience.
Research your target audience, identify what they are buying online, and adjust your stock to meet this demand.


2. Don’t lose sight of your competitors.
Keep an eye on your competitors and see what they are doing. Please pay attention to their offers, delivery policies, and other initiatives to present ideas for your business.


3. Define your delivery region.
Define whether you intend to deliver in your immediate locality, or is there a wider or even an international dimension that can be tapped for sales growth.


4. Determine your delivery models
Determine whether you will manage to order fulfillment indirect delivery services, click and collect or deliver partnerships.
You may wish to start by enticing customers with free delivery on the first order, free for orders over a certain value threshold, or promotional discounts at the beginning to attract customers.


5. Inventory
Make sure your inventory is up to date and that you have all the most ‘high demand’ products in stock.


6. Customer acquisition
Marketing plays an essential role in acquiring customers. You can explore social media and different online and offline advertising methods to get started. Offering discounts and promotions through your online store and physical store can also help you reach more customers. Keeping some ‘Special offers’ as instore only can also be a key driver of footfall.


Grocery food or convenience shopping is an everyday necessity for most of us, and the consumer is increasingly looking to service this necessity online. Therefore, retailers who can migrate to an online offering as seamlessly as possible without complication or adding significantly to their workload will be best placed to reap the rewards of this growth channel. The important thing for Retailers embarking on this strategy is to be aware of the challenges and engage the correct technology partner at the onset.


Retail Solutions has developed the ideal technology to allow Retailers, regardless of their scale, the ability to deploy a webshop in the shortest space of time, with a minimal amount of hassle.

Why not check out our new innovative product, “Web Shop – Off the Shelf,” and see how you can accelerate your digital presence with seamless integration between the Web Shop and your EPoS system.


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