The secret to success for your coffee shop

The secret to success for your coffee shop


Coffee is a passion, but passion is not enough for a business to succeed, so here is the secret to success for your coffee shop.


It takes research, understanding the market, financial control and several other steps for passion to become a successful business.


When we talk about coffee shops, good administration is a crucial point for the good development of the company, like any other business.


To help you manage your coffee shop, we’ve put together some tips to your workload and your business.


So, let’s go!


1) Plan your budget carefully

Having a well-planned budget can help avoid losses and other difficulties related to resource management and cash flow. It is essential to classify your expenses and be aware of working capital. Working capital is essential when setting up a new business.


2) Do some marketing

There is Nothing better to make your coffee well known than building a good marketing strategy. Social Media is here, and you can take advantage of these many free platforms to promote your coffee shop.


Invest in good photos, create a connection with your customers and ask them to share your posts and talk about it, create a hashtag to promote your brand, create partnerships with other businesses within your local neighbourhood

There are many options nowadays to put the name of your business out there.

Be creative


3) Understand your customers

In any business, it is essential to understand how you can attract and keep loyal customers.  Creating the perfect environment for your customer is going to help with this strategy. Define a style for your coffee shop, search for products, décor, music, pay attention to the details and build not just a coffee shop but a brand, a community.

The speciality coffee industry is “a very simple business. Someone comes in and puts €2 or €3 in front of me, and they need to feel they’ve got a better deal than I have. If they like that deal, they’ll come back the next day. And that’s how the business works”.   (Caffeine hit: The rise and rise of Irish coffee culture (


4) Offer a really good service

Your customer must always come first, and your team must be prepared to ensure that all of them have a good experience at your establishment. People go to coffee shops to take a break, to relax, to meet their friends, to have a date, so ensure that all your customers have a great experience at your place, win them over with thoughtfulness, good service and good products.


5) Partnership and Suppliers

Invest in healthy and trustworthy partnerships with your suppliers. This is an important precaution to take, as with this you guarantee quality products and delivery within the necessary time. Take great care choosing your suppliers, for the machines, coffee beans, pastries and all the products that you will offer.


Do your research before investing in a system to run your business, find out about the features of the systems, the history of the company, the functionalities and all the things that can impact the day to day operations of your business.  Having great tools can save you time and money.


6) Control your finances

Inventory control is very important: you need to know what you have in order to predict when and how much you will need to buy, thus avoiding inventory build-up and possible losses.


Finally, always analyse all of your data: your costs, best-selling products, busiest hours, staff etc. This will enable you to make any necessary changes without causing any detrimental effects to your business, or disappointing your customers


So, are you thinking about making some improvements to your business?


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About the author

Juliane Camozzato is an Executive Marketing at  Retail Solutions. You can follow her on LinkedIn!