5 things to consider to prepare your Business for Christmas season

5 things to consider to prepare your Business for the Christmas season   Christmas is coming: How to prepare your business for the festive season in a very different year. December has arrived, the busiest time of the year for most retailers. It’s time to make this year a successful festive season after such a […]

Digital Shopping is Here to Stay

    Worldwide, the impossibility of leaving home has generated an unexpected demand for online services. From working remotely to buy everything, you need online, including food. The pandemic has only sped up the rate of change across this retail sector. Digital shopping is here to stay.   Changing consumer trends and expectations have made […]

Did Someone Say Digital?

    Did Someone Say Digital?   Do you produce or sell food? Do you run a café, a restaurant, or other food business? It doesn’t matter, if you are in the food business and you are not using a digital food safety management system, you are missing out.   A digital transformation is no […]