Supermarkets on Father’s Day: 4 Tips to Increase your Sales

Supermarkets on Father’s Day: 4 Tips to Increase your Sales


Father’s Day is coming! As this is a date of the marked increase in consumption, retailers are preparing to attract customers to their stores. How supermarkets plan for occasions like this, however, is very different from the rest of retail.


Knowing this, we wanted to talk about this great opportunity for supermarkets to earn more and to pass on a few tips to increase your supermarket sales on Father’s Day.


The importance of Father’s Day for supermarkets


Father’s Day is the biggest selling opportunity of the month of June, both for retail in general and for supermarkets.


While the rest of retail aims to attract new customers to its stores, the supermarket already has a client base that frequently shops with them. Because of this, the focus should not be on increasing ticket prices, but rather that customers are bringing fuller shopping trollies to the checkout.


On a consumption incentive date such as Father’s Day, supermarkets must create strategies that generate customer needs, especially those ideas that your customers might not consider without prompting.


Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your store’s results. Follow our tips for this important date!


Filling shopping baskets on Father’s Day


We suggest trying out these 4 tips that can be easily executed in your store from the beginning of June. Check them out!


1. Special Father’s Day Offers

It sounds simple, but a Father’s Day brochure with some relevant offers and promotions helps the customer get into the occasion’s mindset. The products that can stand out are:


  • Hygiene and personal care products
  • Special cuts of meat
  • Alcoholic beverages, such as fine wines, spirits, and beers
  • Tobacco products, such as cigars
  • Sweet treats
  • Novelty items
  • Gift cards and vouchers


Another good option for choosing products is to analyze your sales data for the same period last year.


Giving products a more thematic organization, even if it is far from the more traditional categories of supermarket products, can make things stand out more.


In this way, you associate the consumption of regular products in a different manner; consider putting products together as a special kit or hamper.


2. Actions on social media

Social media networks also remind the consumer of the date and encourage them to buy more on Father’s Day. The production of content with gift tips, what to do on the day to celebrate, and even special cooking recipes for parents or ones that are easier for children to make is a good investment.


Remember that Facebook prioritizes images and videos over text. Invest preferably in visual or audio-visual forms so that your posts have more reach. In the case of Instagram, stories can be a great platform for presenting your store’s promotions.


Furthermore, using your digital communication channels can also be an opportunity to promote your leaflets. Many networks have already practiced this, and it can certainly contribute to attracting consumers.


This booklet may disclose offers that differ from the printed version, for example, or simply promote offers for those already part of your loyalty program.


It is important that you develop a strategy for your publications. For example, if you post a series of recipes, take advantage of it and insert a post with the ingredients afterward. For gift tips, you can follow this same formula and follow up with content about related items.


3. Make use of visual merchandising.

Visual merchandising is a technique that focuses on store layout, product distribution, and the use of objects that highlight the presence of products to facilitate customer interaction with these items.


For Father’s Day, it is important to highlight those items that we mentioned in the first tip, especially at the end of the aisle. Assembling special islands using items generally associated with the male universe is a good practice, such as:


  • Barbecue items including specialty sauces, craft beers, seasoning kits, and grinders;
  • Invest in an island of cheeses boards, crackers, and wines
  • Stimulate consumption by creating special collections of products



In the hygiene and personal care section, one good option is to install themed mobiles or stands and use displays to highlight men’s products.


To further improve these tactics, you can use a trade marketing strategy in partnership with your own industry partners.


Using your store’s historical consumption data can help negotiate this so that both parties can benefit from the promotions.


For this purpose, a good EPOS system can help you access the data and sales reports from the same period last year to give you an overview of popular and profitable products for your visual displays.


Remember that the use of customer data can positively influence your communications and strategy actions.


4. Targeted campaigns

The best way to reach your audience is through targeted campaigns.


You should target male audiences aged 30 to 60 years (the most common period of parenthood) and provide them with personalized offers. Present ideas based on the products most consumed by this group according to your previous data – this is mainly done through social media advertising. Still, you could also include local paper ads, fliers, and in-store promotional material presenting your selection.

This can help fathers be prepared for the dreaded question – ‘so what do you want for Father’s Day?’!


You could also arrange a more open campaign that includes the rest of the family to encourage shopping at the supermarket for Father’s Day and give your customers fresh ideas before they do their weekly shop.


Supermarket on Father’s Day 


We hope these tips will inspire you to create a unique experience in your supermarket on Father’s Day. Many different strategies are possible, as long as they consider the consumption needs that arise for this special date.


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