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Web Shop -Off the Shelf is a ‘Game Changer’ product for independent Retailers who will finally have the opportunity to sell online.

*Click and collect;
*Conduct seamless promotions between the store and the web while running all the administrative functions through one portal.


Now, any administrative function on the shop floor – new products, revised pricing, promotions, stock quantities are automatically populated across the webshop. It’s seamlessly integrated, all through one single point: The Retail Solutions ePOS


Today consumers demand flexibility and the option to choose how and where to buy their products. This is a demand driving the pace of technological innovation, both physically (off-line) and digitally (online).

Creating synergy in your business is essential to stay competitive and to meet the new and ever-increasing demands of the marketplace and consumers.

Offering your consumers the possibility to buy online, using any device offers a new and innovative way for Retailers to stay ahead of the competition.



Retail Solutions webshop allows you to meet the modern needs of your customers, effectively & efficiently whilst enhancing the overall customer experience.



The current market trends and analysis suggest that very soon, businesses that fail to invest in multichannel sales platforms will find themselves competitively compromised.

Expanding the virtual environment has been one of the most profitable alternatives for those who want to gain scale in their industry whilst driving market share. In addition to the physical store, your products need to be available on the website, mobile, and digital marketplaces to multiplying your sales opportunities.


One Service Provider 

Many companies delegate these tasks to many service providers regarding the infrastructure and management of the physical and online store.

Retailers seeking to develop a Web Shop need have several suppliers engaged, for example, EPoS providers, web developers, eCommerce platform providers, and with such a diversity of contractors, it is often difficult to determine who is actually responsible for delivery. A Store Manager will need to contact several vendors to test, identify, and find a solution when an issue arises, meanwhile customers are discommoded.

This process can be significantly streamlined when a retailer has a single provider for all of the components required to deliver a Web Shop, saving time, resources, and money.

Retail Solutions will ensure the process and the solutions are properly set up and customized to your needs.



Web Shop from Retail Solutions is ideal for Retailers of all sizes who wish to provide their customers with the enhanced service and convenience of online shopping and is particularly suitable for:

  • Independent Convenience and Forecourt Retailers
  •  Independent Supermarkets.
  • Off Licences,
  • Pharmacy’s
  • Symbol Group Convenience, Supermarket & Forecourt Retailers.




  • Seamless integration between the WebShop and your EPoS system.
  • One platform – Manage your physical & online stores through one single unified Retail IT system.
  • Centralized Data – Centralise your orders, stock control, and customer data across all of your sales channels.
  • Visibility is delivered by syncing all aspects of order management, including stock, sales, and customer accounts, while providing a comprehensive view of your business, including financial and strategic analysis.
  • Seamlessly synchronizes across each sales channel
  • Easy to set up
  • The stock system is fully integrated, so when items are sold in the online store, they’re also sold in the real world and vice versa.




  • Flexibility – Web Shop from Retail Solutions can be customized for your specific requirements.
  • Speed – Retail Solutions WebShop can be deployed almost immediately once our EPoS system is installed.
  • Quality – WebShop is just the latest innovation from a market leader in the EPoS sector.
  • Enhanced customer experience through fast multichannel sales processing.
  • Increase sales volumes, profitability, and margins thanks to smarter and more efficient management.



It is simple. It is fast. It’s reliable!