Self Scan Checkouts from Retail Solutions

Self Scan Checkouts

Self Scan Checkouts

Retail Solutions have partnered with the World-leading Technology company NCR to offer our customers the very best in class self-Scan Checkouts. Our SelfServ products are the best of their type in the market. They are a flexible & efficient way to improve operations and enhance the shopping experience.


Retail Solutions Self Scan Checkouts provides retail automation at critical customer touchpoints across the retail business by using the latest retail technology from NCR. Self-Checkout solutions are a key part of the global NCR product portfolio.

The new generation solution features a refined, stylized design with store and lane reconfiguration capability.



“The Retail Solutions SelfServ is a self-scan checkout that allows customers to scan, bag, and pay for items independently. At the same time, a staff member monitors from a station nearby to help ensure a positive experience.



A flexible and efficient way to improve operations and enhance the shopping experience. The system reduces overhead enhances customer service and allows the retailer to focus resources on improving service and profitability.


Retail Solutions NCR retail technology is designed to deliver an unbeatable return on investment from a brand you know you can trust.



Reduce the payroll costs
  • Self-Checkouts make it possible to serve the customer better with less staff involvement. One staff member can take care of multiple self-checkouts simultaneously. Therefore, it is possible to reduce payroll costs


Possibility to redeploy employees to more strategic activities
  • The Store’s operation can gain efficiencies with the implementation of self-checkouts. It may be possible to redeploy employees to other store activities or plan better for peak demand times.


Improve the customer experience with self-checkouts
  • Today’s consumers lead busy lives and have little time to waste. Reducing checkout times will directly impact customers’ shopping experience.


Better use of Store space
  • Self-checkout terminals are compact and can be placed into a relatively small area, even compared to traditional belted checkouts or cashier counters.  In some instances, up to six units can fit in the same amount of space as just two conventional checkouts.


Speed and Efficiency
  • One of the most significant advantages is how quickly customers can checkout and pay for their purchases.


Shorter Queues.
  • It’s a known fact that customers dislike standing in line. Self-an delivers a reduction of up to 30% in the waiting in the queues.