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RS Touch – POS

RS Touch - POS

Our RS Touch –  POS Solution is designed with both user, and customer needs foremost in our minds.

Whether it’s at the Checkout, Kiosk, or Counter, the Point of Sale Terminal is the fulcrum of your EPoS system.


RS Touch – POS delivers operational efficiency, increasing transaction speed, and delivering a quicker and improved shopping experience for customers.


It also provides information and recommendations for additional sales and promotions whilst working in the background to deliver real-time data to the back office where the Retailer has a host of analytical tools available to enhance their business processes and ensure that the right products are in stock, at the right price, at the right time. This is achieved primarily through the seamless integration between the various functions and services available at the POS.


RS Touch – POS


  • Market-leading, user-friendly, intuitive, and efficient till point software
  • Designed by our in-house software development team
  • Created together with retailers, using extensive feedback
  • Integrates with most third-party suppliers
  • Optimises the till interface to allow the best customer experience available
  • Ensures the most efficient cashier operation possible
  • A feature-rich system with extensive functionality
  • Provides real-time sales data to the back-office
  • Offers an extensive suite of drill-down reports to the management team
  • Enables the retailer to act immediately on key data
  • Allows the cashier to offer recommendations for additional sales and promotion spots RS touch


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Contactless, Phone Payments, Chip & Pin
  • Increased transaction speeds
  • Reduce cashier error
  • Eliminates double entry of transactions
  • Integrates with all major banks
  • Improves the customer experience
  • Integrates with leading third-party loyalty providers
  • Reward and retain your loyal customers
  • Allows the upselling of items to your customers
  • Boost your promotions
  • Report analysis to monitor and reward were most effective.
Real-Time Point of Sale Integration
  • Instant transfer of sales data to the Retail Solutions back-office
  • Implement back-office changes immediately at the point of sale


  • Utilises a camera link for additional security, monitoring, and analysis at the till point


Gift Voucher
  • Issued at the checkout by cashiers
  • Excludes the requirement for giving change – a new voucher can be issued instead of change.
  • Allows the expiry date to be extended
  • Full sales reporting available on vouchers
  • Supports multiple store issuing, redemption, and central reconciliation


Cigarette Vending
  • All cigarette machine types are integrated
  • Delivers additional security
  • Reduces error and improves the bottom line


Integrated Bill-Pay Services and Top-ups
  • Fully integrated at the touchscreen till
  • Integrates with most bill pay service providers
  • Intuitive menu, easy to use
  • Reduce errors by cashiers
  • Convenient payment facility for your customers


Our Point of Sale Solution, RS Touch POS is the most user friendly and efficient till point, software solution available. The best POS solutions are the simplest ones!



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