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RS Head Office

RS Head Office



The head office software centrally manages the sales and stock reporting across all stores for our retail chain customers with multiple store locations in all sectors, including Convenience, Supermarkets, Forecourts, Off Licenses,  and Pharmacies.


This software has revolutionized store management as it allows for the stock, cash, and staff control from one location and, at the same time, gives management up-to-date information on overall performance.




RS Head Office


  • Manage multiple retail price tiers across multiple stores
  • Maintain cost prices, promotions, operators, and suppliers from a central location
  • Control all promotions across all stores; choose to implement in selected stores and omit others
  • View individual site reports or consolidated reports in Retail Solutions Head Office
  • Monitor local products in various stores
  • Manage daily operations from head office
  • Reconciliation of branch purchases and sales via head office


Explore Features

Central Product Maintenance
  • Centralised product data
  • Improved product insights for multiple or individual stores
  • Maintain stock control via head office
  • Oversee products metrics for effective decision making
  • Monitor and distribute products within the network


Central Purchasing
  • Purchase for all stores from a central location
  • Manage documentation and order history
  • View and replenish branch stock via head office
  • Enables bulk purchasing to reduce costs


Central Price Control
  • Monitor and amend branch prices from a central location
  • Amend prices individually or for multiple stores
  • Utilise centralised reporting to make price adjustments quickly and easily


Branch Management
  • Communicative effectively and consistently to all stores from a central location
  • Operational integration
  • Control branch operations remotely


Individual & Consolidate Branch Reporting
  • Generate reports for individual stores or the entire company
  • Provides in-depth reporting for effective data analysis and cross-referencing


Central Customer Control
  • Centralised customer database
  • Manage and reconcile all customer accounts
  • Create promotions and plan marketing strategy with complete customer data for all stores


Management Accounts by Branch
  • Generate and consolidate complete management accounts reports
Branch Comparison Analysis Tool
  • Reports on metrics and situations allow the user to drill down behind the numbers and effect change.