Convenience Stores & Supermarkets

ePos Systems for Convenience Stores & Supermarkets

We have been providing EPOS solutions to the convenience sector for more than 20 years, over which time we have developed and perfected products which increase profits for our clients and improve customer experience. Today, we manage more than 3,000 lanes in the convenience/supermarket sectors.

Whether your priority is Loyalty Schemes, Stock Control, Profit margin analysis, Commercial Website Integration, Self Scan Checkouts, or all of the above, we can create a tailored effective system that meets your needs.

Retail Solutions

Joyce’s Supermarket was looking to update their existing system … which consisted of 60 lanes and a Head Office system. I looked at a number systems before deciding on Retail Solutions. Their system was the best fit for Joyce’s. Since installing the system 15 months ago, I have found Retail Solutions excellent in every aspect, right from the installation, staff training and ongoing support.

A key factor in selecting Retail Solutions, apart from the software package they had on offer, was their willingness to listen to their customers needs and their ability to make improvements to the software that was both beneficial to us and their future customers. The staff they appointed to manage our account have at all times provided
an excellent service to us and have on more than one occasion come to our rescue in areas that were outside their responsibility. Retail Solutions are now a very important partner of Joyces Supermarket and Joyces look forward to a long working relationship with them.

Retail Solutions
Marie O’Donovan, O’Donovan Retail Consulting, Joyce’s 365
RS Touch

Whether it’s at the Checkout, Kiosk or Counter the Point of Sale Terminal is the fulcrum of your EPoS system. Our RS Touch POS Solution is designed with the needs of both user and customer foremost in our minds. RS Touch delivers operational efficiency, increasing the transaction speed and delivering a quicker and improved shopping […]

RS Dashboard Application

Work is a thing you do, not a place you go. This is very true for many Retailers particularly those who operate multiple sites and need to be kept informed on all aspects of operational performance. RS Dashboard from Retail Solutions enables our retail customers to effortlessly monitor the key performance indicators from all your […]


If you check then we can record it ! iQoo is our HACCP management application that replaces antiquated and time consuming paper dependent systems with a modern cloud  based solution which is deployed at store lever via any handheld android device. iQoo is an automated system that enables the quick and accurate monitoring and recording […]

Software as a Service

Software as a Service, also known as SaaS is a method of delivering software applications to the end-user over the internet. SaaS provides many advantages to businesses including Retailers, primarily in terms of lower upfront costs for your EPoS system. SaaS also delivers stability as the ongoing costs are also reduced and therefore much easier […]

Electronic Shelf Labelling

It might surprise you but advancements in manufacturing and technology has brought Electronic Shelf labels within the budget of many more retailers in recent years allowing them reap the many benefits of dynamic pricing. Dynamic pricing means retailers can change the price of products immediately, making their pricing strategies much more flexible. They can do […]

Self Scan Checkouts

Retails Solutions have partnered with World leading Technology company NCR to offer our customers the very best in class SelfServ Checkouts. Our SelfServ products are the best of their type in the market and they are a flexible & efficient way to improve operations and enhance the shopping experience. Retail Solutions SSCO provides retail automation […]


In even the most competitive environments, a well-developed loyalty system goes a long way in obtaining and retaining customers. Retail Solutions’ advanced loyalty programme is more than just an incentive programme for customers. It also allows you to review spending patterns, consumer behaviour, customer visits and total spend, which can then be used to target […]

Electronic Point Of Sale

Retail Solutions has gained a solid reputation as a leader in developing, distributing, installing and supporting EPOS solutions. Our EPOS integrations include the following: Credit card chip and pin Mobile top-up POS scales Forecourts (Gas Station) CCTV & Pump Link/ Tank Gauge Tillscan Voucher printing Cigarette vending Loyalty All of these features enable clients and […]

Back Office

Retail Solutions’ advanced back office software is ideal for all client sizes and sectors, including Convenience, Supermarkets, Forecourts, Off Licenses, Hardware and Pharmacies. By integrating all of the back office functionality into one system, managers at each branch, as well as at the head office, are able to keep costs down through tight monitoring of […]

Head Office

For our retail chain customers with multiple store locations, we have developed head office software that centrally manages the sales and stock reporting across all stores. This software has revolutionised store management as it allows for stock, cash and staff control from one location, and, at the same time, gives management up-to-date information on overall […]