ePos Systems for Forecourts

Forecourts or gas stations have unique needs in the retail space that require more sophisticated and integrated EPOS systems. To respond to the specific needs of forecourts, Retail Solutions developed two products (RS Fuel and RS Camera Systems) that seamlessly integrate EPOS functionality with a number of features specific to forecourts, to make stock management, customer service, marketing and purchasing more streamlined and effective.

In addition to our standard back-office & EPOS products Retail Solutions offers the following to our Forecourt Retailers :

  • Wet Stock specific reports and analysis.
  • Pre Pay at the pump.
  • Pump watch link to Security cameras.
  • Registration Plate Vehicle Recognition.
  • Electronic tank gauge integration with the back office.
  • Car Wash link to point of sale.
Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions brings me piece of mind. If I want to look at margins or over-heads, everything is available at the touch of a button no matter where I am in the country, and I know that there’s a company behind the scenes that is working to bring new concepts, rather than me going to them. Retail Solutions is getting very aggressive in the fuel end of the business and is a very helpful company to work with.

Retail Solutions
Mel Lundy, Texoil (18 Sites)
Web Shop

Web Shop is a ‘Game Changer’ product for independent Retailers who will finally have the opportunity to sell online. Bring your business online – Use one platform to sell products anywhere—on the shop floor with Point of Sale and online through your web shop.   Retail Solutions has been striving to develop a product that assimilates […]

RS Touch – POS

Our RS Touch –  POS Solution is designed with both user, and customer needs foremost in our minds. Whether it’s at the Checkout, Kiosk, or Counter, the Point of Sale Terminal is the fulcrum of your EPoS system.   RS Touch – POS delivers operational efficiency, increasing transaction speed, and delivering a quicker and improved […]

RS Dashboard and RS Mobile

  Our RS Dashboard is an application that delivers real-time sales data to retailers via their mobile devices. The app allows detailed analysis of sales KPI’s in terms of overall volume, margin, and turnover.   Our RS Mobile provides real-time back-office functionality on the shop floor via our large screen android handheld. This touchscreen, easy-to-use […]


iQoo is the complete and paperless HACCP solution.   iQoo has been around for over 20 years with its Origin in France. Essentially it digitally records all daily HACCP-related checks using hand-held Android devices. It’s Paperless and exceeds the needs of businesses required to be HACCP compliant. But most importantly it has been proven to […]

Self Scan Checkouts

Retail Solutions have partnered with the World-leading Technology company NCR to offer our customers the very best in class self-Scan Checkouts. Our SelfServ products are the best of their type in the market. They are a flexible & efficient way to improve operations and enhance the shopping experience.   Retail Solutions Self Scan Checkouts provides […]

loyalty Programme

Retail Solutions’ advanced loyalty programme is more than just an incentive programme for customers. It also allows you to review spending patterns, consumer behaviour, customer visits, and total spending, which can then be used to target customers with specific promotions. Delight your customers with a range of rewards including vouchers, points, badges,  and giveaways. Our […]


Our renowned Retail Solutions Fuel & Wetstock management products are the preferred choices for some of the World’s largest service station brands.   We have developed integration links with the most prominent pump management platforms and we can integrate with practically any fuel brand or pump manufacturer.   We also cater to all the major […]

RS Back Office

  Retail Solutions’ advanced Back-Office software is ideal for all client sizes and sectors, including Convenience, Supermarkets, Forecourts, Off Licenses,  and Pharmacies.   By integrating all of the Back Offices‘ functionality into one system, managers at each branch and the head office can keep costs down through tight monitoring of stock and cash.     […]

RS Head Office

    The head office software centrally manages the sales and stock reporting across all stores for our retail chain customers with multiple store locations in all sectors, including Convenience, Supermarkets, Forecourts, Off Licenses,  and Pharmacies.   This software has revolutionized store management as it allows for the stock, cash, and staff control from one […]