iQoo HACCP – A simple solution to a complex problem

iQOO HACCP – A Simple Solution To a Complex Problem


HACCP compliance can be tough!


HACCP record-keeping


Let’s face it, HACCP is a nightmare!

What was once a few sheets of paper records that you filled out at the end of every day (or in some cases every few weeks!) has now developed into a full-blown, labor-intensive minefield involving mountains of paperwork, shelves full of folders, and quite a few headaches.


Food Safety


Food safety and HACCP management have become constantly evolving, highly structured, and complex systems, and no food serving business can avoid it.

Unfortunately, it must be done!

However, a properly structured and compliant HACCP can be highly beneficial to a food service business.

A business compliant with HACCP legislation protects itself from potential closure by Environmental Health, which in turn protects its reputation and helps maintain customer confidence in the brand.


Environmental Health Compliance


In the modern world where social media is king and bloggers, bloggers, and ‘foodies’ are front and centre, food businesses, their product, and their reputation are more in the public eye like than ever before.

Just a few short years ago, food businesses that were served with closure or non-compliance orders were reported on one or two websites, and you would have to go searching for it. Now, we have social media reporting these closures each month along with the reasons for the closure order.

A significant number of these non-compliance orders are served for businesses not complying with HACCP regulations.

While the orders may only be for 24 hours or until they complete the necessary documentation, they cause a huge amount of work, and the damage done by even a short closure can be immeasurable.


Promoting Customer Trust


How would you feel about your favorite local favorite food haunt if you suddenly found out that it had been closed by the Environmental Health Officer?

It doesn’t matter that it was for some missing paperwork. It would be very difficult to stop that little bit of doubt creeping in that maybe, just maybe, the place you’ve been eating from forever just wasn’t as good as you previously thought – a potential disaster for the business.


The digital age of HACCP management


A well-maintained HACCP system can prevent this from happening.

So, the paperwork is a nightmare, it’s time-consuming, labor-intensive, and it’s piling up in the office or on a shelf somewhere, taking up space that you don’t have, and you have just had enough of it? Not to mention the staff who conveniently forget about it almost every day despite the constant reminders?


We at Retail Solutions can provide the solution to your HACCP problems.


The way things are looking at the minute, Food Safety and HACCP are only going to get more complicated and time-consuming going forward. Your food managers, chefs, front-of-house staff, etc., have enough to be doing in these strange times without trying to keep up with large amounts of paperwork at the same time.


iQoo is the simple solution!


iQoo is a cloud-based HACCP management system that will benefit any business that is required to follow HACCP legislation.


It saves time and money and cuts out all the mountains of paperwork involved, and helps to protect your brand name.


iQoo is fully compliant with all HACCP legislation, so any visits from the EHO are automatically made that bit easier as the records are stored digitally in one place and are easily accessible at all times.


iQoo covers the entire HACCP management system for any food production business from deliveries, cooking temperatures, fridge temperatures, deli temperatures, and cleaning schedules right through to labeling and traceability.


The system is perfect for any business, large or small, be it a single unit or multiple sites, and is a great way of keeping track of a number of units together in one place.


We have recently adapted the system to include Covid-19 checks such as travel/contact records and cleaning and sanitation records.


iQoo can help you sleep soundly in the knowledge that the nightmare of HACCP is a distant memory.




If you would like to know more, contact Dylan at Retail Solutions on +353 87 6831605 or visit


Dylan is a Business Development Manager for iQoo digital HACCP. You can follow him on LinkedIn!