iQoo Digital HACCP Management Case Study

iQoo Digital HACCP Management Case Study – Spar Sirio Newhall


iQoo Digital HACCP Management – A case study on Spar Sirio Newhall.


Store Details:


Operating under the Spar Brand this exceptionally busy Top Oil Sirio site in Newhall, Co. Kildare places a huge focus on fresh food and deli, is trading 24 hours a day, and is staffed by a team of over 80 full and part-time employees.


Pre-Deployment Summary


The staff of this store were obliged to complete a substantial number of periodic records in order to comply with the Food Safety Manual.


This involved a significant amount of staff time, requiring a dedicated member of the deli staff to spend 3-4 hours a day manually completing checklists. Not only was this a huge amount of time, but it also generated approximately 40 sheets of prescribed records per day – 280 per week, over 2,500 per annum – all requiring storage!


All of these records had to be individually verified and signed by a manager. This verification process alone took 3 hours per week for the manager to complete, usually on a Friday when time is in short supply for a manager of a busy site.


All records were then filed and stored, taking up valuable space in the manager’s office as well as the dry goods store. The records were filling one lever arch folder every month. The operation was labour intensive and rigid, yet not uniformly applied, and the historical records were not easily accessible.


iQoo Digital HACCP Management. Case Study – Spar Sirio Newhall



Deployment of iQoo from Retail Solutions


Following wide consultation and a thorough vetting of all other vendors, the team at Spar Newhall opted to implement Retail Solutions iQoo HACCP management system in their deli. This is a user-friendly handheld system that provides for automatic entry of all HACCP checks and much more.


The benefits were immediate, with a significant reduction in the amount of time taken to complete checks and the complete removal of the paper records.


Case study sirio Spar Newhall iQoo logs


In summary:


  • The iQoo App has completed replaced all paper-based HACCP checks.


  • The migration from paper to Digital using the iQoo App has been seamless.


  • There is now complete confidence in the HACCP operational management, with both internal and external stakeholders able to access all data via the Cloud at the touch of a button.


  • Extensive analysis has determined that the deployment of iQoo from Retail Solutions has saved 24 staff hours and 3 manager hours per week.


When interviewed several weeks post-installation, the store manager highlighted the following:


Additional benefits:


  • Staff training is quicker and much more effective. The handheld iQoo units are just like mobile phones and everybody can use these.


  • Previous issues with language barriers disappeared overnight. There is no need to confuse members of staff with complicated documentation, as the iQoo system simplifies all monitoring processes.


  • The system has been set up by staff for themselves. No more non-standardised forms that don’t work for the staff.


  • There is complete confidence in the checks, as any non-conformances must be dealt with before moving onto the next check. Staff cannot simply ignore a problem.


  • Photographs can be taken when required as evidence of compliance.


  • The manager has access to a summary view of all readings. This clearly highlights the non-conforming checks, which significantly speeds up the weekly verification that previously took 3 hours a week. No need to look at hundreds of records every week.


  • The store uses over 390 individual products that are programmed into the system. Nobody has to write down product names ever again. The iQoo system even prints traceability labels; another time-saver for staff.


  • System updates are very quick to apply.



The iQoo handheld unit has become an indispensable member of staff, so much so that it has been affectionately named ‘Sheila’!


In addition to making life easier for the staff, the iQoo system is very user-friendly for the environmental health officer, internal auditors, and external auditors such as Q Mark.


The iQoo system can be utilised for any internal checks including health and safety, fire safety, and cleaning (e.g. retail areas, seating areas, toilets etc.).





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Dylan is a Business Development Manager for iQoo digital HACCP. You can follow him on LinkedIn!