What to Consider When Choosing Your Epos System?

What to Consider When Choosing Your Epos System?

Padraig Nolan, Sales Director at Retail Solutions, outlines the company’s innovative Epos options and solutions, along with the key considerations any retailer should have when considering a change…

Over the past 20 years, Retail Solutions has been delivering innovative Epos products for retailers across a range of sectors including convenience, supermarket, forecourts, hospitality, hardware and pharmacy.

As a result, it has consistently outperformed its competitors in the field of Epos technology to maintain its position as the first choice supplier for hundreds of businesses.

Having long been a market leader in Ireland, Retail Solutions has undergone rapid expansion in recent years in both the UK and Australia. The success of these projects is a testament to the strength of the company’s award-winning software products.


The best Epos systems support your business and help it to grow. They work to create efficient synergies between customers, retailer and supplier, while delivering the optimum margin.

To that end, there are a range of options, and also a range of considerations a retailer should make before choosing the system that’s right for them…

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