Did Someone Say Digital?



Did Someone Say Digital?


Do you produce or sell food? Do you run a café, a restaurant, or other food business? It doesn’t matter, if you are in the food business and you are not using a digital food safety management system, you are missing out.


A digital transformation is no longer an option but a necessity. The reality is that today, a HACCP plan without a proper digital system presents a huge loss of efficiency as well as a potential negative impact on the operation of your business.


In order to maintain a flexible daily process, have more control of your operation, critical activities, and be informed of all aspects of your business whilst keeping track of your legal obligations, a Digital HACCP system is now essential.


A Digital HACCP system can empower your business and deliver a competitive advantage in areas such as;

  • Waste Reduction
  • Workload Efficiency
  • Cost Savings
  • Legal Compliance
  • Brand Protection

Lots of paperwork can be created by checklists, reports, record keeping, monitoring results, etc. It is almost impossible to keep track of all data coming from multiple people and locations.


With a complete HACCP system, you can streamline the whole process of checklists, tasks, record keeping, and helpline managers and staff to fulfill their daily tasks and checks. Compliance will be straightforward and not a burden.


iQoo is the complete and paperless HACCP solution.


woman with a tablet


Transform Your Business with iQoo

Gain the power to greater understand and control your business. iQoo is a management app that digitally records all daily checks in relation to HACCP, using a portable Android device with an intuitive interface, reducing workload, and ensuring the integrity and accuracy of all data collected.


All your data is stored in the cloud for both branch and Head Office analysis. It’s very user-friendly with most tasks just taking a few clicks, allowing employees of all experience levels to operate more efficiently.


iQoo can be used to quickly and accurately check and record food cooking temperatures as well the temperatures of all refrigeration. The tolerances for each product are incorporated into the system and alerts are issued whenever a temperature is outside of the optimum range. It can also be used for food traceability, label printing, cleaning records, and even as a library for your Standard Operating Procedures. Covid-19 checks can now be incorporated into the system also.


Schedules and reminders can be set up for all tasks and iQoo provide comprehensive activity reports that can be exported to Excel.


Improve communication between employees and managers and achieve total control of the safety of your business. Everything is in the palm of your hand.


All of this and more just a few clicks away!




We will be happy to assess your requirements personally and advise you on the process of digitizing your food business

Do not hesitate to contact our team and request a product demonstration or a quote.