5 Reasons Self-checkout can Improve Customer Experience

5 reasons why Self-checkout can deliver a better experience for your customers whilst increasing your profits   Shopping is a necessary task for all of us. With a wide variety of options available and especially with the massive increase in online retail, consumers have never had more possibilities in terms of places to shop.   […]

Your customers are Grocery Shopping online!

Your customers are Grocery Shopping online – Why should you lose out!   How to Setup an online grocery convenience store?   Retail Solutions have made the task of setting up an online grocery store much easier than it has been to date. Of course, choosing the right EPOS system and supporting contractors for implementation […]

Digital shopping is here to stay

    Worldwide, the impossibility of leaving home has generated an unexpected demand for online services. From working remotely to buy everything, you need online, including food. The pandemic has only sped up the rate of change across this retail sector. Digital shopping is here to stay.   Changing consumer trends and expectations have made […]

The retail challenges for the coming years

  COVID-19 and new technologies are changing the ways retailers are interacting with their customers. These are significant retail challenges for years to come.   They now have to deal with a drastic change in consumer behavior and keep up to date with a large amount of information. Accelerated innovation processes are challenging Retailers to […]

3 Steps to clean your Credit Card Terminals properly

3 Steps to clean your Credit Card Terminals properly Keep a clean and organized store with regular sanitation of payment terminals and other frequently-touched surfaces is essential. Now, more than ever, due to the recent spread of coronavirus. By regularly cleaning and disinfecting your credit card terminal, you can help stop the spread of potential […]

The web solution for local retail

The Web Solution for Local Retail When it comes to retail today, developing web shops is the key, said Pádraig Nolan, sales director at ePOS specialists Retail Solutions.   “People really are ordering all of the staples online. It has become a necessity now, and this is true for all retail sectors,” he said   […]

Did someone say digital?

    Did someone say digital?   Do you produce or sell food? Do you run a café, a restaurant or other food business? It doesn’t matter, if you are in food business and you are not using a digital food safety management system, you are missing out.   Digital transformation is no longer an […]

7 reasons why digital HACCP App is better than a plan on paper

7  reasons why digital HACCP App is better than a plan on paper   There are several reasons why many food companies have started using digital solutions instead of paper for controlling daily recording activities and HACCP control. They believe that one of the biggest challenges in food safety lies in the out-of-date or uncontrolled […]

Managing Safety in the time of COVID-19

Managing Safety in the time of COVID-19 Creating a safe workplace to protect your employee, your brand and your customers is crucial. In order to help, convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacy’s, hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc. are having to adapt their routines so their work can continue to be done without risk. Many employers are still confused […]

What to Consider When Choosing Your Epos System?

What to Consider When Choosing Your Epos System? Padraig Nolan, Sales Director at Retail Solutions, outlines the company’s innovative Epos options and solutions, along with the key considerations any retailer should have when considering a change… Over the past 20 years, Retail Solutions has been delivering innovative Epos products for retailers across a range of […]