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Supermarket Queues: How To Solve This problem?

Supermarket Queues: How To Solve This problem?
SUPERMARKET QUEUES: How To Solve This Problem?

SUPERMARKET QUEUES: How To Solve This Problem?


SUPERMARKET QUEUES: How To Solve This Problem?

Nobody likes to waste time in line at the supermarket. The time spent in checkout lines at supermarkets is amongst the biggest complaints from customers.

In today’s world, customers want to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible.

Currently, supermarkets worldwide are looking for ways to make the shopping experience more enjoyable, faster, and efficient for customers.

One of the best ways is self-checkout.

Ready to discover the best ways to reduce queues at your supermarket?  Then keep reading our post!


Understand The Problem


A study from Forrester Research and Digimarc found that the checkout experience is very important to shoppers — and can influence the shopping decisions of the almost 40% of shoppers who are not loyal to a single grocery location.

50% of survey respondents cited checkout experience as “very important,” and another 35% cited “important.” According to the Supermarket News Report, “While it’s no surprise that customers don’t want to wait in long lines and have slow checkout processes, the extent to which they care might surprise many retailers.”

In another research study by consultancy CVA Solutions, 36.7% of respondents point out the queues as the main issue that supermarkets need to improve.

The problem is so significant that it is one of the leading reasons customers do not return. This problem manifests as fewer sales for the Retailer in both the short and long term.

Solving queues at the supermarket is one of the most important things you can do for your business’s success.


How To Solve The Problem



Specific for small transactions with few items.



Offering priority checkouts for pregnant women, people with infants, and the elderly is also an excellent way to reduce supermarket queues.



The customer checks out their own purchases and pays. While the customer goes through the self-checkout, a supervisor is on-hand, observing whether people follow the correct process and can also provide assistance. Self-checkout helps to ensure agility and speed in the supermarket queues.


  • SCAN & GO

With Scan & Go, the customer scans the products as they pick them, pays with their mobile phone, and therefore doesn’t need to pass through checkout.



Offering this option helps to avoid queues, as purchases are made an online store and picked up in-store.



Regular cashier training will always help provide better customer service.



Having increased numbers of cashiers at peak times helps to shorten queuing times. It is also essential to monitor the seasonal times that can increase supermarkets’ queues, such as Bank Holidays, Christmas and New Year.



The best-trained cashier will still struggle with an inefficient ePOS system. Choose an ePOS system that will help manage your business and positively impact your customers and employees’ lives.


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