Retail Solutions Electronic Point of Sale Systems

Established in 1995, Retail Solutions have established themselves as a market leader in the provision of Electronic Point of Sale systems within the Convenience, Supermarket, Forecourt and other retail sectors. Combining cutting edge software and hardware solutions with excellent customer service, Retail Solutions now serves more than 1500 sites in Ireland, with an ever-growing presence in Australia, Scotland & England where they are the first-choice supplier for many of the retail industry’s best known and progressive brands.
Our industry leading EPOS products offer exceptional value for money as they are designed to meet both the present and future needs of a dynamic commercial environment and are the foundation for the profitability and sustainability of your business. We support customers large and small, from individual stores to multiple locations, that require total, seamless connectivity and integration.

By combining superb project management and installation with training, support and software development,we deliver customer service that gives our clients peace of mind through all stages of system integration and use.

We are committed to ensuring that our clients are happy with our products, cost and service.

Retail Solutions


Value for money solutions that will accelerate return on investment
Retail Solutions

Increased Client Productivity & Profitability

Streamlining client business operations for better control of stock, margins, cash and staff
Retail Solutions

User-Friendly Software & Hardware

Solutions designed to handle the most basic to the most complicated functions at the touch of a button
Retail Solutions

Customising Technology

From stand alone to multi branch outlets, a solution that istailored to the specific needs of each of our clients
Retail Solutions

Continuous Software Improvement

Always working behind the scenes to create and implement improved retail technologies, often delivered to clients’ systems automatically
Retail Solutions

Fast & Efficient Customer Service

Passionate technical support staff who handle and resolve all inquiries effectively

Meet the Retail Solutions Team