7 Reasons Why Digital HACCP App is Better than a Plan on Paper

7  reasons why digital HACCP App is better than a plan on paper


7  reasons why digital HACCP App is better than a plan on paper

There are several reasons why many food companies have started using digital solutions instead of paper for controlling daily recording activities and HACCP control. They believe that one of the biggest challenges in food safety lies in the out-of-date or uncontrolled HACCP plan.

No company wants to take risks when it comes to food safety. IQoo is a cloud-based food safety management app that digitally records all daily checks related to HACCP, which has become an indispensable item for any food business.

All of your required HACCP and food safety records are stored securely in the cloud and are easily accessible using a PC, Tablet or Phone.


So, let’s check what makes iQoo better than a plan on paper


  1. Easy to Use:

Each entry is recorded with just a few taps. On-screen prompts and directions are clear and concise to ensure staff members of all experience levels have no difficulty in using the technology.

  1. Real-time overview

iQoo provides real-time Alerts and Notifications plus valuable Insights.

  1. Reduces Workload 

iQoo eases your workload while providing assurance that all entries are being recorded with accuracy.

  1. Configurable and Flexible

iQoo is fully customizable to meet the individual requirements of each client. It is currently being applied in a wide range of sectors from catering and retail to hospitality and hygiene.

  1. Mobile 

The software runs on a lightweight, durable Android device that incorporates NFC capabilities and an infrared scanner for barcodes. The app’s interface is extremely smooth and responsive.

  1. Brand Protection

Attention to detail and accuracy is important when you have a brand to maintain over single or multiple locations.

  1. Quality Assurance

Consistency is the key to maintaining standards and the quality and reputation of the brand. Repeated, certified processes and checks throughout your business helps to ensure the highest standards and iQoo is the perfect system to help achieve this.


iQoo allows organizations to complete all daily tasks and temperature checks on handheld electronic devices instead of handwriting and storing large amounts of paperwork.

Implementing iQoo will lessen your workload while providing assurance that everything is being recorded and stored securely and accurately.

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