The retail challenges for the coming years

  COVID-19 and new technologies are changing the ways retailers are interacting with their customers. These are significant retail challenges for years to come.   They now have to deal with a drastic change in consumer behavior and keep up to date with a large amount of information. Accelerated innovation processes are challenging Retailers to […]

3 Steps to clean your Credit Card Terminals properly

3 Steps to clean your Credit Card Terminals properly Keep a clean and organized store with regular sanitation of payment terminals and other frequently-touched surfaces is essential. Now, more than ever, due to the recent spread of coronavirus. By regularly cleaning and disinfecting your credit card terminal, you can help stop the spread of potential […]

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The web solution for local retail

The Web Solution for Local Retail When it comes to retail today, developing web shops is the key, said Pádraig Nolan, sales director at ePOS specialists Retail Solutions.   “People really are ordering all of the staples online. It has become a necessity now, and this is true for all retail sectors,” he said   […]