Retail Solutions has designed tailored software solutions that take into account all of the needs of the home improvement/DIY store. Our software allows you to sell items of any size, weight and volume, from nails and screws, to glass and sheeting. The software can even account for measuring any length of timber and cable, as well as for selling multi-packs and pre-packed items.

Whether you want to offer bulk discounts to customers purchasing large quantities of a specific item and/or you need a highly-organised computerised system for sales orders and delivery/collection, our hardware solution can do it all. It can also create various types of accounts so that you can sell to both trade customers and the general public simultaneously.

Included in our software system is the ability to create unique bar codes for any product so that all goods can be scanned at the point of sale. This helps to eradicate pricing or selection errors, as well as highlight inventory location and serial tracking. The latter is ideal for tracking each individual product as it permits you to quickly measure the profitability of any product, as well as the profitability of a given store/department across its range of products.

As the system is directly linked into the Sales Ledger you can also evaluate exactly which customers are spending the most and exactly what they are buying. This information is critical to your marketing success. By tracking spending trends by store, you are able to use the software for special offers that are store-driven based on demand, rather than corporate driven.