“Joyces Supermarket was looking to update their existing system … which consisted of 60 lanes and a Head Office system. I looked at a number of systems before deciding on Retail Solutions. Their system was the best fit for Joyces. Since installing the system 15 months ago, I have found Retail Solutions excellent in every aspect, right from the installation, staff training and ongoing support.

A key factor in selecting Retail Solutions, apart from the software package they had on offer, was their willingness to listen to their customers needs and their ability to make improvements to the software that was both beneficial to us and their future customers. In the past 15 months I have found their support staff excellent to deal with. Their software developers have taken our suggestions and made the changes we required to meet the specific needs of Joyces Supermarkets. The staff they appointed to manage our account have at all times provided an excellent service to us and have on more than one occasion come to our rescue in areas that were outside their responsibility. Retail Solutions are now a very important partner of Joyces Supermarket and Joyces look forward to a long working relationship with them.”
Marie O’Donovan, O’Donovan Retail Consulting, Joyces 365


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