Case Studies

Matt O’Flaherty Pharmacy Group

In 2006, Matt O’Flaherty Chemists, an independently owned group, completed a major development program introducing new shops and replacing vital merchandise and till systems. The group had six branches and a head office which needed to be linked together to control stock and sales. At the time, the groups’ stores were working independently of one another which led to stock and tasks being duplicated at branch level while still not providing sufficient controlling measures. Staff at each branch had to enter prices through a cash register, check stock manually and fill in forms about daily takings. The time that patients spent in the shop waiting for prescriptions to be dispensed was clearly a lost sales opportunity. The product range needed more appeal.

"Our aim was to replace key business systems in an effort to rationalise the number of systems in use, and also to provide effective unit stock control and better business information. It was vital that the system could meet the needs and specific key business functions of a multiple store chain such as ours. Ease of support and ease of use were also major deciding factors," explained Oliver Daly, the group’s General Manager.  

Now rolled out across all Matt O Flaherty’s stores, the Windows-based software runs on the renowned Wincor Nixdorf touch-screen systems at the point of sale. This solution is combined with leading peripherals, such as Metrologic bar code scanners and Epson's fast and reliable TM-T88iv thermal receipt printers.

The new system provides efficiency and enhanced customer service, together with integration to the supplier’s electronic ordering systems. It has allowed the Group to analyse sales and reduce stock holding by implementing better group buying. "Our new system is working splendidly and has enabled us to implement automated stock replenishment. Any teething problems we had were dealt with efficiently and promptly by Retail Solutions’ support desk. We have worked with Retail Solutions in developing the system to meet our every need. Any modifications that we requested for our system were delivered in a timely manner," reported Oliver. "It is performing very well and we are extremely happy."

NISA Supermarkets

Retail Solutions recently linked a number of supermarkets and a forecourt site located in Galway and Waterford to NISA. This group of stores has 50 scanning lanes and an ambitious growth plan for the future. While evaluating their growth plan, they realised that they needed an upgraded EPOS that would provide them with the information and control they required, as well as improve the customer in-store experience and be easy for the staff to use. Their other prerequisite was the provision of detailed back-office management reporting. In essence, they required a system that could collect and analyse all data at a central location, as well as control all product, price and promotions from Head Office.

After looking at a number of EPOS systems available on the market, the retailers chose Retail Solutions because the business offered the most appropriate solution to meet their specific needs. Retail Solutions provided NCR processors which interacted with existing touch screen displays, thermal printers, barcode printers, zebra belt printers, scanners, cash drawers, price checkers, hand held devices and scanner scales. The software solution, tailored by the in-house Retail Solutions Software Development Team included Stock Ledger, Sales Ledger, Purchasing Ledger, Point of Sale Reporting, Cash Control and a full accounting package. In short Retail Solutions provided a full solution from scanning at the tills right through to a Trial Balance at year end.

In addition to the full front and back end integration, NISA wanted a system that could help boost their regular promotional offerings and show clients their savings. Retail Solutions integrated the promotional offerings into the Point Of Sale so that NISA’s customers could see how much they had saved. As such, customers were able to see their savings both on their receipts, as well as on the customised dual displays at the POS.

Tougher Oil

Tougher Oil operates a chain of forecourt and convenience stores mainly across the southeast of Ireland. They were looking to introduce an EPOS system tailored for their forecourt and convenience store needs, supported by a back office and head office central management and reporting solution.

Tougher Oil choose Retail Solutions as their retail system supplier after conducting a detailed review of several potential suppliers from Ireland and abroad. They evaluated their past history, current solutions and approach from a financial, operational, developmental and technical perspective to find the supplier that would best suit Tougher‘s initial and long-term needs.

Tougher choose Retail Solutions’ Windows-based scanning system with full head office reporting for both their wet and dry stock requirements. Retail Solutions linked all stores to head office in a matter of weeks. At the Point of Sale level, Tougher use a fully integrated pump link and E-Vending Fuel Control Solution. There is now a seamless transaction flow from PoS to head office for stock, cash and staff control to ensure head office management have up-to-date information on their overall estate performance.

The main benefit has been much greater levels of visibility. Tougher now has a fully automated ‘manage by exception only’ system that can be controlled in head office right across their business. Tougher can enjoy the benefits in margin, stock, cash and fuel control with this software integration.